Pharmacy Benefits for Workers’ Compensation

Our focus on workers’ compensation has led us to develop specific solutions to simplify pharmacy claims management for our clients. We differentiate ourselves by combining advanced technology, proactive clinical management and exceptional customer service. Our unique approach to pharmacy benefits management, 1 Click Pharmacy™, automates and consolidates processes while allowing our clients to customize programs based on their needs.

1 Click Pharmacy™ – Manages Workers’ Compensation Claims

Our program is focused on driving network penetration and managing drug spend through our optimal pharmacy program management with the following set of solutions:

  • Access to nationwide network of retail pharmacies
  • Customizable first fill program and formulary
  • Claimant centric adjudication platform
  • Streamlined prior authorization process
  • Out-of-network bill management
  • Proactive clinical programs
  • Accurate electronic billing
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Team approach to implementation and program management
  • Secure online claims management tool, myMatrixx 360°

Our program will increase network compliance and assist with returning employees back to work in an efficient and clinically appropriate manner. The end result for our clients is lower costs on pharmacy and an increase to your bottom line.

Contact us for more information about our Get Ahead of the Claim™ program by by filling out this form. – See more at: http://www.mymatrixx.com/services/clinical/?preview=true&preview_id=122&preview_nonce=d8a4d731c9#sthash.Ho7BWreu.dpuf

Contact us for more information about our  1 Click Pharmacy™ program by by filling out this form.


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